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Power of positive
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As we progress through our lives we have the opportunity to create positive experiences and positive outcomes ourselves. This can be manifested through the Power Of Positive. In this show we talk about how to use the power of positive in your life to help you achieve your goals of true happiness. We discuss many activities you can begin now to help you get your day off to a good start, attract more positive people around you and help you create a more positive you. This show is packed with great information, quotes of inspiration and personal experiences to get you further along the right track.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Our quote of the day: “He that can have patience can have what he will.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
  • What is this Power?
  • Waiting for ‘it’ to happen
  • Setting ‘it’ up to happen
  • Ways of attracting the positive
  • How to avoiding attracting the negative
  • Surrounding yourself with positivity
  • The frustration of waiting – the unknown
  • How the power of positive can be the law of negative attraction
  • How to start now (meditation, journaling, positive statements, vision boards…
  • Mira’s Question: “Hey, Plant Trainers, Protein shakes- is this something you are into? I don’t typically do this but as my workouts are getting longer and I am trying to avoid grabbing the wrong stuff. I thought you would be able to recommend a good product since you are conscientious of what you eat. There is so much crap out there, I’m not really interested in getting caught up in nonsense?  


Links to things we mentioned:

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The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment 

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Jim Rohn

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Manitoba Harvest



Artisana Organics

Vision Mirror

Anything is Possible

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5 thoughts on “The Power of Positive – PTP009”
  1. Avatar Eli

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast from beginning to end. A positive mindset and outlook on life is something truly overlooked by many people. Its in human nature to expect instant gratification without effort. However, I agree with the message here. Anything that is worthwhile achieving demands patience, consistence, and practice. In fact, without these three aspects, a person cannot reach a state of discipline altogether, and without discipline there is no room for growth in any walk of life. What I’ve learned from this podcast is that before before doing anything, a person has to develop the right mindset. I’ve read once that ‘you become what you think about most of the time’. The power of a positive mind is impenetrable. A person that can block out negative influences from everyday life and replace them with positive influences like people, and situations, will attract more such positive vibes. The same is true for the opposite: Someone who sits around complaining about his/her current state and surrounding him/herself with negative people and situations will attract even more negativity. Its a cumulative effect and it works either way, whether you’d like to or not, so you may as well take the positive route. This can be achieved by reading books, listening to valuable information, meditating and setting goals, and surrounding yourself with people who strive for more. I’ve also discovered that with the right mindset and attitude, a person must take action. Getting into the right mindset is only half the battle, and its the important half. However, without applying what you’ve learned, the knowledge does not have much value. Therefore I will take all of the useful information from this podcast and begin to apply it to my own life day by day, by starting small. Thank you for this great podcast!

    • Avatar admin

      Sounds like you’re on the right track! As we continue to learn, people need to understand that “mindset” can be problematic at times and we should start using the term “mindflow”. Mindset provides the notation that our mind is set on something (which can be good), however mindflow gives a meaning of continued growth and development. Remember surround yourself with positive people and keep positive thoughts and you will achieve whatever you choose to in life.

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