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PTP437 Dr Silvia Eye Health
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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Dr. Silvia Odorcic about the role of lifestyle on eye health. We are so excited to introduce you to Dr. Silvia if you don’t know her already. We love finding lifestyle medicine doctors in our own backyard. She is an ophthalmologist, and she breaks down some of the eye health vocabulary you may have been wondering about. You’ll love hearing about how a plant-based diet can affect eye health and hear her explanation of how Adam’s eye health changed after one of being plant-based. We love how she is on a mission to empower women. Oh, and if you are wondering what foods to eat specifically for eye health, you’ll want to listen till the end. You may be shocked. 

Dr. Silvia Odorcic is a Toronto-based double board-certified MD, certified in Lifestyle Medicine & Ophthalmology. Her soul mission is to revolutionize the current healthcare paradigm through plant-based nutrition & healthy lifestyle habits. Dr. Silvia transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle 4 years ago after being burned out and it changed her life trajectory! She is a conscious leader who believes that health is our ultimate portal into spirituality & self-fulfillment. She offers 1:1 private mentorship, as well as an evidence-based online Plant-based Nutrition Course for anyone ready to overhaul their nutrition. She recently completed her first solo marathon running purely on plants and is passionate about helping women to blaze their own paths and craft a magnificent legacy as they do.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Bell let’s talk day 
  • Finding plant-based
  • Medical nutrition education
  • Eye health and nutrition lifestyle
  • Cataracts
  • Macrodedenation
  • Glaucoma
  • Adam’s eyes
  • Success stories
  • Foods to eat for your eyes
  • Empowering women


Links to things we mentioned:

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I Am A Peaceful Goldfish by Shoshana Chaim – (USA link)

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Dr. Silvia Odorcic – Website, Instagram

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4 thoughts on “The Role of Lifestyle on Eye Health with Dr Silvia Odorcic – PTP437”
  1. Avatar Jan Lowrey

    Ok I could not figure out how to do that. I see several options but no particular way to contact her. Thanks

    • Avatar Adam Chaim

      I will have Shoshana contact you to help.

  2. Avatar Jan Lowrey

    How can I learn more about macular degeneration care?

    • Avatar Adam Chaim

      Hi, thanks for visiting our site. Please contact Dr. Silvia through our show notes, she will be able to better help you with that. You can also contact Shoshana for some ideas…

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