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When you think about a yoga show…what do you picture? A bunch oh hoitty-toitty women prancing around in their Lululemon outfits and perfect makeup? That is kinda what I expected to see.

This weekend I attended the Yoga Conference & Show here in Toronto. It was my first yoga show. I have heard lots about them in the past and I am really grateful to Revitasize for giving me some tickets to check it out. I was so happy to see that it was more then just a Lululemon fashion show! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some nice Lulu clothing, but I was hoping the yoga show had a bit more depth…and it did!

When we arrived, we were blown away by the sheer size of the room. There were hundreds of booths set up around the “Yoga Garden”. The yoga garden is a roped off area that people can come in and out of as they please to participate in ongoing yoga classes. There were many different instructors from different areas leading classes with what seemed to be about 100 people at a time. There was a crazy vibration and cool energy coming from this area. Participants with extremely varying levels practicing yoga together for the love and respect of this discipline. It was wonderful to watch.

In addition to the yoga garden there were other fun areas set up. There were ongoing suspension yoga classes, a Surfset area and a cultural arts area. The suspension yoga was very popular and I got to give it a try. I just love how inversions make me feel, wooh! Surfset takes some crazy core to hold your yoga poses on a tippy surfboard. I may consider getting one of those installed in my house!! If I do, you are welcome to come and try it! The cultural arts area was probably the loudest and most energetic area in the room. There were all kinds of activities from meditation, Bollywood dancing to chanting. This is where you were really able to see the world of yoga expand into other places our mind, body and spirit need to find harmony.

I was impressed…

I was especially impressed by the many green entrepreneurs I met. There are so many companies concentrating on making sustainable and clean products for others who really care about our environment. There were yoga mats made of recycled materials, bolsters and meditation pillows made from repurposed materials and a meditation stool from Bluecony, ShushMeditationmade from leftover pieces of wood to leave as little waste as possible (that was the best purchase of my day!). There were also many holistic health practitioners giving many alternatives to mainstream medicine. I even got my brainwaves read! Beekeeper’s Naturals even uses many small sustainable beekeeping farms to source a responsible amount of bee products from each to create medicinal and non medicinal products. These people are truly amazing!

Of course, I need to talk food! There were some great vegetarian restaurants setup that had many vegan and gluten-free options. We obviously headed straight to that section when we arrived. Later on I got a “Feeling Green” juice when I visited my friends at my favourite juicing place, Revitasize. I bought two jars of organic olives from Acropolis Organics but only came home with one and a half jars…OOPS! There were lots of yummy treats, food and drink to enjoy – so even plant-based, gluten-free eaters didn’t need to pack a lunch or bring snacks for this show (that’s a first!).

Skimmed the surface…

I really feel like I just skimmed the surface of what this show had to offer. It was wonderful to see so many different types of people of different cultural backgrounds, ages and walks of life coming together with one major interest – a love for yoga and a healthier more sustainable life. I hope you are able to attend this show next year or a Yoga Show in your area. There is really so much to learn.


~ Plant Trainers


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