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In this episode of Hey Plant Trainers, we answer a question about the value and benefits to owning a treadmill. The treadmill was invented in 1913 and initially designed to help diagnose heart disease and lung disease. Little did they know back then that the treadmill would become one of the top selling and most widely used and recognized piece of fitness equipment in the world. There are so many opinions about the use of the treadmill, some even call it a “dreadmill”. In today’s question we provide some strong reasons that we think the treadmill has an important place as a fitness tool.

Here is Mario’s question: “Hey Plan Trainers, I really like to run outside, but it’s getting harder and harder to stay motivated to go out when the weather isn’t good. I’m considering a treadmill for my basement, but I see so many people posting on social media how much they dread the treadmill and call it a dreadmill. Is a treadmill worth the investment or should I just suck it up and get outside?”


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3 thoughts on “Treadmill vs. Dreadmill – PTP090”
  1. Avatar Jared Ash

    I really learned a lot from this podcast! For someone that runs everyday and most of the time on the treadmill, I’ve always wondered what the benefits and reasons are for going on a treadmill. I now fully understand the value of a treadmill. The fact that you can use the treadmill regardless of the weather anytime you want, or that the treadmill is a time saver because it is quick and easy to prepare and run on it. A treadmill also lets you have control of everything, the speed, incline, and this is great for someone like myself who looks to do high intensity intervals on the treadmill. As well, running on a treadmill you don’t have to worry about traffic or lights or potholes like you would running outside, and this is important to me because i like to maximize my time running. I can also keep track of my heart rate on a treadmill, something i can’t do without an expensive gadget running outside. I really don’t think much about the benefits of a treadmill, but now i can fully appreciate that the treadmill has its place in training, that it is a wise investment, and should not be called a dreadmill!

    • Avatar admin

      I agree…such a useful tool!

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