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So, you are trying on the multi-sport of triathlon? Good on you! You have been running a while, you dropped some bucks on a new bike and you can actually swim more than 50 meters in open water without turning on your back. You think you are ready…and you are.

Now what? You have to pack. Packing for a triathlon is a sport in itself. But where do you start? Don’t worry, we have you covered…below is our triathlon checklist!

Let’s start with what to pack in. Some people have their fancy triathlon style bags that have a compartment for everything – even a wetsuit. Don’t let that encourage you to go out and buy one. You’ll have plenty of other things to spend your triathlon budget on. Some people use an old gym bag and others use a plastic storage box. It’s all a matTransitionter of preference. You (most likely) won’t be able to keep your bag next to your bike. You usually have to put it beside the fence outside of the transition area.

Start packing a few days or even a week before. After all, you’ll be tapering and you’ll have so much extra time on your hands! You may need to head out and buy some stuff so better to be prepared! (whatever you do, don’t forget the baby wipes!) And remember the rule of thumb:

NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY. That includes clothing, equipment and food.

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Below is a triathlon checklist of what we recommend you’ll need and it can also be downloaded here.

General Swim Bike Run Miscellaneous
Gear/transition bag Swim cap Bike Hat/visor Directions to race
Tri suit(Shorts & top or 1 piece) Goggles – clear (cloudy day or dirty water) Bike pump Shoes (with orthotics if you use them) Sunglasses
Tri Registration Card/number Goggles – Amber (Very sunny) Water bottles (aero-bottles) Speed laces Electrical tape
Bib race belt or pins Tri suit you will wear for the whole race. Helmet/Aero-helmet Water bottles/belt (optional) Cell phone/camera
Sunscreen Wetsuit (depending on temperature) Emergency tire kit (spare tube, lever, CO2, bike tool) Socks Extra towel
Towel or mat for transition Ear plugs (optional) Race wheels (optional) (install these before race day) Wipes
Race fuel (food, liquids) Nose plug (optional) Shoes Post race clothing and flip flops/crocs
GPS/Heart Rate Monitor/chest strap/Watch (optional) Anti-fog solution (optional – use spit instead) Socks (optional) Garbage bag
Body Glide Rain gear

Good luck this season!

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