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In this episode of Hey Plant Trainers, we answer a question about what to eat before, during and after exercise. This is a very common question and the answer should really be tailored to each individual. Here is Bob’s question: Nutrition seems very confusing. So many people say different things and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to eat before I exercise, during my exercise and after I exercise. What do you eat before, during and after your exercise?


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12 thoughts on “What To Eat Before, During & After Exercise – PTP072”
  1. From listening to this episode, I learned that there really isn’t one perfect food to consume before a workout. It all depends on the intensity of the workout, what exercises you are doing, what muscles you are training, how long will you be training for, etc. Because of everyone having a different body, we cannot generalize the food we should be consuming should be the same for everyone. Someone might feel comfortable drinking a lot of water while doing certain exercise’s, others might feel very uncomfortable by it. But just because we do not all need to eat the same before, during, and after working out does not also mean that we shouldn’t be properly fuelling our body’s with essential needs one gains from consumption of food. Everyone should be consuming a proper number of protein, carbs, calories, fats, etc. before and especially after working out, in order to replenish your body, and to help you truly improve your physical health abilities.

    I strongly agree with how everybody’s different in terms of food consumption before a workout, but I felt like you really didn’t express how important it is to get the calories, fats, proteins, carbs, etc. that one needs after a workout to fully/properly recover from an (hopefully) intense workout.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the podcast and congratulate Adam and Shoshana on how they’re directing peoples lives in the right direction with fitness and great and healthy lifestyle choices!

    I have a question that has really gotten me thinking for the past few months. I was hoping you can give your view on this controversial topic.

    1. How much protein should one be consuming on a daily basis? Is their an exact answer that could possibly be derived by the weight of the individual, age, gender, the workout that was done?

    • Avatar admin

      With regards to protein…you should listen to PTP042 with Dr. Garth Davis…we talk exactly about that as well on PTP040 with Bodybuilder Robert Cheeke.

  2. Avatar Rachel Shulman

    There is a lot more to nutrition that we know and everyone needs something different for their body. I always asked other people what they would eat before they exercise and try to follow them, and when these things were not working I would not understand why. Now it is clear that it depends on my specific needs. Also, each workout requires something different and different nutrients to be consumed before a specific activity. Intense workouts require more energy before hand, while a shorter workout might be able to be a fast workout or to eat something. Drinking a lot of water is also crucial to a workout. I agree with the idea that it is important to tailor to individual needs and what works best for their body to workout. Smoothies after workouts are also a really good idea not only because they are healthy, but they are refreshing and a good conclusion to a workout. Thanks for all these insights and teaching me about what might work for me before, after and during a workout!

    • Avatar admin

      There’s nothing like a good smoothie to close out a tough workout 🙂

  3. Avatar Adam Adler

    Wow, that was a very interesting and intriguing post cast. I really wanted to find out what I could eat in different stages of my workout that would increase the end result and make me feel comfortable during the workout. I fully agree with the fact that no two people have the same workout diet. A lot of videos are out on the internet saying that if you eat these three magic foods, you will become stronger in only one week. Although these videos may be intriguing they are not true at all. It is very important to try many different foods and see which one has the best end result. There is no magic formula for exercise. Trial and error is the key. One thing I didn’t think about that you brought up is that it depends on the workout you are doing. Depending on how intense the workout is, depends on what you should eat. You answered all my questions and I have nothing else to ask. Thanks for another great podcast, will be listening and waiting for more podcasts.

    • Avatar admin

      It’s a personal experiment…using some guidelines of course.

  4. Avatar Corey Farber

    From the moment I read the title of the podcast i knew i would enjoy it! I really wanted to know for my self what I can eat or drink during my workout sessions, or when I am doing sports. You pointed out that a person’s workout meal all depends on the duration and magnitude of the workout, as well as your own personal preference. I used to always think that there was a certain thing that everyone should be having to eat before, during and after workouts, but now I know that water is really the only essential part of everyones workout meal, the rest is up to me! Personally, I like having a berry smoothie with greek yogurt and some other ingredients to kickstart my workouts, and I always have a bottle of “Aqua hydrate” during my training. I was really intrigued by the orange balls you talked about, and decided to make them. let me tell you, they are very good.

    I have a couple questions for you:
    1: what foods should I be eating in the offseason to ‘bulk up?’
    2: how many times a week should I be working out (1 hr. each)

    Thank you, I will definitely be looking at a few more of your podcasts

    • Avatar admin

      Enjoy those Orange Balls!
      Foods in the off-season aren’t much different…again it depends on several factors. How many times a week you train is very dependent on your goals, time, type of workouts, etc…too many factors for a definite response.
      Thanks for listening!

  5. Avatar Leah Bertler

    From this episode, I learned that the types of foods one consumes before, during and after a workout is dependent on two factors. The first factor is the intensity of the workout and the second factor, is what your body is comfortable digesting because everybody’s body makeup is different. The more energy used during the workout, the more food the body requires. In addition, the harder and the more intense the workout, the more protein via bars, shakes and powders, are highly recommended for better performance. What you eat and how the body digests the food you have eaten, is an experiment for every individual. Trial and error is the only method. Once you determine what works best for your body, you are on your way to having a powerful workout.

    I both agree and disagree with parts of this podcast. I agree with the idea of eating a heavier based meal before doing intense physical activity. However, I disagree with the suggestion that you can workout on an empty stomach before a light workout. I truly believe that no matter what the workout is, you should never perform any sort of exercise without having food in your stomach. Food is a source of fuel and I believe that everyone needs fuel to make their workouts more effective. Something as little as an apple, yogurt, or piece of toast with peanut butter is all you need.

    1. Does age contribute in making a difference in what you should consume before, during and after a workout? Younger vs. older?
    2. Does being male or female make a difference in what you should eat?
    3. Does the time of day you workout (night vs. morning) change what you should eat?

    • Avatar admin

      You make some interesting points in your summary. Training in a fasted state is a technique used by many more experienced athletes aiming to have their body fuel on fat. Also, intense workouts do not require more protein via bars, shakes and powders…this is a misconception. Eat real food and your body will thrive.
      Good questions. Age can make a difference, but the difference is really in the individual. Meaning at what stage of athletics we’re talking about (amateur vs elite). EveryBODY is different and it’s an experiment to figure out what works best for each individual. There isn’t much of a difference if you’re male or female. Time of day depends again on each individual.

  6. Avatar Sabrina

    I really like how you emphasized that everyone’s nutrition is different and what’s best for some people, isn’t necessarily best for us. Since I exercise often, I found your suggestions for what to eat before, during, and after exercising very helpful. I enjoyed listening to your intake on nutrition.

    • Avatar admin

      Thanks for your comment Sabrina.
      Everyone is different, but there are some things that everyone should be doing to improve their nutrition!

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