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So what is the deal with beets? They are starting to pop up everywhere. Beet juice this and beat salad that. I’m not talking about borscht like our grandparents used to down with a dollop of sour cream. I’m talking fresh, organic, heirloom beets. MMMMMMmmmmm. Delish.

So here is the deal. I made a list of the important things you should know about beets:

  • You can eat it all! Table beets (the big colorful bulb) are what most people think of when they hear – beet. You can eat the beet greens too. Try sautéing them with some garlic or adding them to a stir fry.
  • Raw or cooked? Table beets can be eaten raw. Many people use them for juicing or grate them into a salad. The nutrition in beets are quite resilient. Dr. Michael Greger says you can steam, boil or broil beets for any amount of time and they will keep their vitamins and minerals.
  • So what makes beets healthy? Beets are immune boosting as they are full of vitamin C. They are also anti-inflammatory. They contain potassium, manganese and vitamin B folate. Oh ya, and beets are full of fiber.
  • Athletes choice. Beets help boost the oxygen levels in the blood. Many endurance athletes will consume beets before long rides, runs or other sports. This is totally legal!
  • Food coloring. Beet juice can be used as a natural food coloring. No more red dye #s in your baked goods.
  • GMO? Because beets are used to make sugar for processed foods, beets are often genetically modified. Research where the beets at your store are coming from to see if they are GMO or buy organic.
  • Beets are beautiful. We tend to think red when we think beets. Table beets come in gorgeous, golden yellows and oranges too.Beets Golden
  • Beeturia.  Don’t be alarmed if your urine or stools become a pink or red color after consuming beets.  This is totally normal and people that don’t know this sometimes become very alarmed!  The pigment in the red ones are not digestible and therefore appear in our excretion.  Don’t worry, our bodies still absorb all the awesome nutrients they provide!

What are some great ways to use beets?

I’m glad you asked!

  • Steam or boil them until they are slightly soft.  Peel, chop and add them to salads or serve them with a honey lemon homemade dressing.
  • Want to eat them raw? Peel and grate them to add to salads, sandwiches and wraps.
  • Blend them into your favorite pre-workout smoothies. Just peel them first.
  • Use some of the red beet juice to mix into icing for a nice pink color. After all, red food dyes can be dangerous carcinogens.

I hope I have inspired you to try this awesome vegetable soon. Check out this great Roasted Golden Beet Soup by Just-A-Smidge.

Please let us know what your favourite beet recipe is so we can feature it on our website.

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