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When my son became gluten free he was only two years old. I was lucky in the sense that he was a stay at home kid and I could monitor what he was eating. I also didn’t have to worry about the influence of what other children were eating. But then came nursery school and that all changed.O’Doughs pizza kits eased my mind and made my boy happy!

Pizza is everywhere. The PTA at my son’s school offers it as a fundraiser every Friday and it is served at about 90% of all birthday parties. As a parent you want your child to feel included and not feel short changed. When I discovered O’Doughs pizza kits, my pity for my child ended.

My son and I were both brought happiness from the O’Doughs pizza kits. He was able to have his pizza and if he was happy, I was happy. I began to make him half a pizza every Thursday night. I cut it in half and packaged it for his lunchbox the next day. He was eating pizza like everyone else! About a half hour before birthday parties, I would do the same. He brings a lunchbox with his pizza, cupcake and other gluten free snacks and he knows that’s what he has to eat at the party. It has taught him responsibility and independence too!

One of the highlights of the pizza kits is that you get to add your own sauce and other toppings. That is a good thing since my son only likes a little bit of sauce on his pizza. The small sauce packages are useful and portable. They are easy to bring to a friend’s house to make the pizza there. Sometimes he likes to help me make the pizza. I feel better about getting him involved in the process than just popping a frozen pizza in the oven. I know what kind of cheese is being used and I can control the quantity too.

Thank you O’Doughs for helping my son feel integrated into the pizza world!

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