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In this episode of Hey Plant Trainers, we talk about kids, movement and physical activity. Making sure our kids are getting enough physical activity on a daily basis seems relatively easy for some kids and proves to be more difficult for others. As parents, we must understand the meaning of exercise and physical activity for children, offer active opportunities that they’ll enjoy and figure out why your kids may not like to run and play. With obesity and chronic diseases on the rise for adults and kids, it’s important to get them interested in healthy lifestyles as young as possible so it sticks throughout their lives.

Pat Asks: “Hey Plant Trainers, how do I get my 8 year old to exercise?”



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10 thoughts on “Kids Getting Physical Activity – PTP080”
  1. Avatar Nicole Burstein

    Kids getting physical activity #80

    This episode was extremely intriguing! This podcast was centered around the question of how to get a child to participate in physical activity which I found very easy to connect to at this day and age as children are now completely preoccupied with things like iPods and iPads, distracting them and encouraging less physical activity. A big way that the podcast explained how it is possible for a kid to get physical activity is by just going outside and playing, not necessarily having to lift weights or run on a treadmill. I found this quite interesting because something that used to be a fun activity such as going to the park is now an annoyance to children of this generation as they are so preoccupied with their technology. There could be a health issue that the child has which could be the reason for their lack of physical activity but a lot of the time it is just out of laziness and therefore a doctor would not be necessary but rather just good motivation. I found this extremely interesting to listen too and enjoyed learning about children’s fitness and how it differs from that of an adult’s fitness regime.

    • Avatar admin

      So simple…more of us need to just get outside and play!

  2. Avatar Zane Grossinger

    From just listening to the title of this podcast I knew I would like it as physical activity is very important to me. At the beginning of the podcast I feel you addressed the question very well. I think its important that people understand what physical exercise should be like at a young age. A minimum of 30 to 40 minutes of exercise playing sports is very sufficient for young children. In fact before I got into high performance sports that was the only source of activity I had. If a child refuses to do even the bare minimum of going outside and chooses to sit on a couch instead, I agree that there might be another issue at hand. As children we love to play and be outdoors, I think that is the most important source of exercise one can get at a young age. I agree with the idea of trying different activities at the community centre because as you said, there’s such a variety of activities that could interest kids. By exposing him or her to that they will be sure to find some form of exercise that is enjoyable to them. I agree that it is extremely important for them to be enjoying themselves and constantly having fun. All around, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to he expertise this podcast had to offer as it is an important message for parents with young kids. Cant wait to listen to more of these amazing podcast!

    • Avatar admin

      Thanks…getting outside as kids is so important and something most kids don’t do anymore!

  3. Avatar Halle Solomons

    What a very educational and interesting episode! The question was asked by a mother who wanted to get her 8 year old child to participate in physical activity however I found that this podcast could be directed towards people of any age not just a child. I learned that a person should get at least 30 minutes of physical activity but, the more the better! I also learned that exercise is not necessarily doing push-ups or sit ups for a period of time. A child could be getting exercise by going out for recess or playing sports with their friends. A great tip for getting a child off of the couch is to walk instead of drive to the grocery store so a parent could get quality time with their child while getting some exercise. The reason a child may not want to get off of their bed or the couch may be due to a mental health issue but maybe, the child is just lazy and therefore there is no need to see a doctor however every child is different and it depends on the situation. I agree with everything that was said in the podcast and find it interesting that physical activity could be really anything not just doing push-ups or sit-ups. I am really excited to take some tips that were mentioned in the podcast and apply it to my daily life!

    • Avatar admin

      Glad you learned something here 🙂 Exercise definitely comes is so many forms.

  4. Avatar Joshua Goldman

    I loved listening to this podcast and overall, I felt it just strengthened my opinion on how important it is for kids to be active day in and day out. I completely agreed with everyone that was said, how every kid is different and can be active in many different ways based on their interests. I learned how a kid doesn’t have to be playing organized sports or go to the gym everyday to be active, but it could be as simple as going out with friends, going to the park, or any place that isn’t just sitting on your bed or couch. I also learned some of the reasons some kids aren’t active enough and how someone can help them get moving. If a kid never wants to go out and just wants to be at home, then it may not be because they aren’t physically healthy enough, but mentally they could be depressed and simply don’t want to face the light of day, which then effects their physical health. The final and most important thing I learned, was that a kid has to do what he/she loves to do, just like when you are choosing a career, you have to do what you like if you want to succeed, so in order for a kid to successfully get enough exercise they can play any sport or any activity that interests them so they will be motivated be active everyday because that is what they want to do. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast and learned a lot about different ways we can ensure that kids stay active to improve their mental and physical health.

    • Avatar admin

      Exactly…it’s all about finding the fun factor!

  5. Avatar Sarah Herlick

    I learned that the average kid should get at least 30-45 minutes of physical activity per day. Physical activity isn’t always the typical exercise adults do at a fitness club. Physical activity consists of going outside for recess, playing outside with friends and walking. If one is not interested in being active, you should consider their mood, behavior and inquirer why. Mental heath may be the cause of why people are not participating in exercise. The simple task of walking to the grocery store can also be a form of physical activity. I agree with everything said in this podcast and find it interesting that once you learn what type of exercise you like, you would partake in more physical activity.

    • Avatar admin

      Exactly…it’s all about finding something you enjoy. Fun is the key to sustaining lifelong physical activity.

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