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PTP314- Life Unrehearsed
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In this episode of the Plant Trainers Podcast, we were grateful to have the opportunity to share our story on CJAD 800 AM News Talk Radio in Montreal. Corrie Sirota and Matt Del Vecchio interview us about Adam’s health journey and pick our brains on ways people can start incorporating more plant-based meals into their life. If you are not familiar with our story, this is a great brief overview. We know that sharing our knowledge and history helps make a difference. 


Links to things we mentioned:

Four Sigmatic Foods

Facebook group – Plant-Based Health, Nutrition and Fitness

Life Unrehearsed on CJAD 800

Our Transition To A Plant-Based Lifestyle – PTP003

Stories of Inspiration – PTP031

Our Interview with YogiTriathlete – Podcast

Sweet Potato Almond Burgers – Recipe

Gluten-Free Pancakes and Waffles – Recipe

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