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In this week’s episode of the Plant Trainers Podcast we revisit the theme of meditation, but today we put an emphasis on meditation for children and families. Children need the opportunity to learn how to manage their stress and have a safe place to be in touch with their feelings. Meditation is a great way to set our children up for success while bringing the family together.  We share some tips for getting started as well as some practical applications you can start in your home today. Please take the time to comment on some meditative techniques that have worked with your family below.

We hope you enjoy the show!


In this episode we discuss:

  • Our quote of the day: “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” ~ Winston S. Churchill
  • What is it?
  • Benefits for children
  • Benefits for families
  • tips for beginning children and family meditation
  • meditation techniques for children and families
  • Shari’s Question: “Hey Plant Trainers, I read your post about Almond Breeze. That is what I use. What do recommend I use instead?”  


Links to things we mentioned:

PTP022: Endurance Lifestyle with Tom Barbieri 

PTP018: Meditation and Visualization With Harley Monte 

Meditation For Kids

How To Make Time For Meditation When You’ve Got Kids – Mind Body Green

Meditation As A Potential Therapy For Autism: A Review – Autism Research and Treatment

Hoberman Original Sphere – Rainbow

The Plantpower Way – by Rich Roll & Julie Piatt

Packaging Claims: Don’t Believe It! (Almond Breeze Blog)

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4 thoughts on “Meditation For Families – PTP034”
  1. Thank you for such an enjoyable podcast. Thanks for the links too. It helped me to understand better.

    • Avatar Adam Chaim

      You are so very welcome!

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