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In this episode of Hey Plant Trainers, we answer a question about getting healthy food at home as well as adding variety to breakfast. Here is Jonathan’s question: I am a High School student and very interested in eating healthy. I’ve been eating mostly plant-based for the past year and I find that I’m just not getting enough food. We are a family of 7, I don’t drive and I find that there just aren’t enough foods (especially fruits) when I want them because my siblings get to them before I do or my parents don’t buy enough of the foods I like. Any ideas as to how I can make sure to have more healthy foods available? I also eat cereal everyday for breakfast…any other ideas for me?


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Overnight Oatmeal

Green Monster Smoothie


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7 thoughts on “Tips To Get Healthy Food At Home & Variety for Breakfast – PTP068”
  1. Avatar Adam

    I usually don’t have a problem with the foods that my mom buys and makes for me, as it is often generally healthy/nutritious. 
    The bags of beans tip is interesting, I think putting them together will be nutritious as you mentioned and probably pretty tasty. Mango and rice wouldn’t be up my ally but it sounds like enough food to get me full. I do eat too much sugary things, I will try to tone it down. I also eat cereal everyday, especially the really unhealthy kind. Your tip to add seeds and dried fruit to plain cereal is really intriguing, I think it’s good because it’s healthier and quick to make. I tried oatmeal for a while but after eating it for a few days I didn’t enjoy it anymore. I think if I can find a way to mix it up more often between oatmeal, cereal and other breakfast meals I could improve my health pretty well overall. The smoothies idea is great but I fear it won’t fill me up enough as a breakfast should. 
    Do you have any tips on how to make a “breakfast plan” to set certain meals for certain days? Also do you have any tips on eating at night? I know it’s unhealthy but I’m often quite hungry at night and I know it’s bad to eat food at night, but is there anything healthy I could eat if I get hungry that would be able to fill me up?
    Thanks for the great tips, I’ll start on a way to make sure I’m making better breakfast meals for myself right away.

    • Avatar admin

      Set up a schedule for yourself: Monday – Oatmeal, Tuesday – Smoothies…as an example. Try smoothies, they can be filling, it all depends what you put into it. If you must eat late at night, eat something easily digestible like fruit.

  2. Avatar Eden

    Thank you for a quick and very informative podcast! As a student myself, I also tend to eat cereal for breakfast when I don’t have a lot of time and I have been looking for easy breakfast ideas that are also healthy. I will definitely try adding some of those nutritious foods into my cereal to make it more healthy as well as the delicious green smoothie recipe on your website to add more variety to my mornings.

    • Avatar admin

      Glad to hear you found some helpful tips! Let us know how that smoothie turns out!

  3. Avatar dorothy

    thanks so much for the tips. ill try the over might oats cuz that sounds really good and quick. Also good idea about keeping a part of the kitchen to yourself so other people dont have the food. Over all really good, simple and imformative

    • Avatar admin

      Let us know how it goes…thanks for the feedback!

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